Health Benefits of Coconut

Nowadays, people are getting more and more health conscious and are adopting natural ways. Coconut is one such tropical staple that is gaining immense popularity amongst the food lovers. Although, the entire Western world treat it as an exotic ingredient but it is gaining immense popularity amongst the natural-food lovers.

Coconut has made a place in our daily lives as it has several benefits. For instance, we are using products that are made up of coconut in our lives. They are used in our beauty regimens to our kitchens.

Here are some key benefits of coconut:

Coconut is also stated as the tree of life as it provides some of the most useful and beneficial products. The coconut is a refreshing beverage, a nourishing oil and also used for making utensils. Although, it contains lots of fat and calories, still it incorporates great amount of vitamins and minerals.

  • Highly fibrous

Coconuts comprise a significant amount of fiber, which is an essential component of healthy diet. We don’t get hungry frequently and also ensure disease prevention. All these factors will maintain your health.

  • High Saturated fat and Good Source of Protein

Moderate intake of saturate fat is beneficial for health as it enhances the body’s levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), i.e. good cholesterol. It is also a rich source of protein along with B vitamin folate. The latter is an essential vitamin for red blood cell function which helps in smooth and healthy metabolism. Coconut also contains potassium that reduces high blood pressure and balances the water content of the body.

Besides adding coconuts to our diet, we can also add it in our daily lives.

  • Coconut oil

Since time immemorial, coconut oil has been used for cooking, baking, hair care and oral hygiene. It is stated as one of the finest moisturizer for hair and skin. According to beauty experts, applying coconut oil helps to avoid protein loss. Moreover, it prevents damage and strengthen the hair.

  • Coconut cream

When we buy a full-fat coconut milk then the liquid at the top will hardened up.  This thick solid part is the coconut cream. The cream is used for thickening up curries whereas for vegans and for people having lactose intolerance, coconut cream is a delight. The cream is high in lauric acid content and combat cancer cells.

  • Coconut milk

Nowadays, people are switching to non-dairy milk and coconut milk is one of the best options available. This is a non-dairy milk which is thick, creamy and rich. It is very healthy and has a high fat content. You need to enjoy the milk in moderation.

  • Coconut water

Coconut water is hugely popular amongst the health stores and supermarkets. It has the natural thirst-quenching properties with 94% water, which is perfect for hydrating after exercise. It is also stated as a nourishing drink when it teams with electrolytes and free of added sugars or colors. Other benefits of Coconut water are low in calories, sugar and carbohydrates. Instead of juice and soda, coconut is healthier and tastier alternative.

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