Good Sleep is Essential for Healthy Heart

According to a survey, approximately 1.6 million people have higher higher risk of heart disease and stroke because of insomnia. In United States, heart disease is one of the leading causes of death. In order to prevent heart or cardiovascular disease (CVD), you must maintain a healthy heart, where sleep also plays a major role. According to the CDC, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that most of the adults requires a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night.

A report suggests that there is higher risk of death from heart disease in people having high blood pressure along with insomnia and stress. There are several people who are facing poor heart health due to lack of sleep. According to a report based on large scale genetic analysis using data from 1.3 million people that 956 genes all over 202 locations have a link to insomnia.

Reports further suggest that individuals having insomnia genetic variants have 12% higher risk of developing coronary artery disease, whereas 16% higher for heart failure and 7% higher for all types of stroke combined. Hence, insomnia may not necessarily itself is a cause of CVD. It cannot be ignored that there are various other causal pathways that may cause insomnia which leads to CVD.

It would be advisable to sleep better for better heart’s health. If you are not getting sufficient amount of sleep then it will have negative affect on your energy level. All you need to do is to make some changes in your sleeping habits to sleep better.

Sleep is undoubtedly one of the most essential part for a healthy heart. If you are not getting enough sleep then you are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease irrespective of your age, weight, smoking and exercise habits. If you are want to lower the risk then get a good quality sleep.

Experts suggest that when a person sleeps too little then there will be disruptions in various health conditions as well as biological processes such as glucose metabolism, blood pressure, and inflammation. This is also true for oversleeping.

There are many people  who suffer with sleep apnea i.e. waking up frequently throughout the night. They also have compromised heart health. The reason behind is without long and deep periods of rest, there are certain chemicals which get activated and keeps the body away from attaining extended periods when the heart rate and blood pressure are lowered. This may lead to higher blood pressure and higher chance of cardiovascular problems.

A report suggest that men having severe sleep apnea have 58 percent more chances of developing congestive heart failure as compare to men without the nighttime breathing disorder. People often believe that heart health is related to the older adults.

However, a recent research suggests that having too little sleep earlier in life is also at greater risk for developing cardiovascular problems. Poor sleep will lead to higher cholesterol levels, a higher body mass index, larger waist sizes, higher blood pressure, and an increased risk of hypertension. Hence, it would be advisable to take care of your sleep and health simultaneously.

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