The principles and applications of mechanism

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Mechanism techniques prove effective in every situation. Spiritual practitioners use them for relief of a person’s grief, misfortune, guilt – pity, pain – fall, distortion – opposition etc. If these techniques are used methodically, then their effect is infallible. Whatever be situation, no matter who person is, they do not live without their exact effect. official scholars of this rare science are few in this era, but miracles can be experienced in connection with those who are there. These experts say that spiritual science has two dimensions – one is spirituality, other is physics. Spirituality is called yoga science and physics is called mechanism science. term physics is a bit confusing in this scientific age, because it makes sense of physics. In such a situation it can be given name of physics.

Situation of mechanical great education is also really similar. things which we consider to be neglected and unrealistic, they are very effective in techniques of mechanism. Materials science has made discoveries of atomic physics, particle physics and quantum mechanics just a few decades ago. But mechanism experts not only recognized these truths millennia ago, but also developed techniques for using them. Mechanism lore sees and considers every substance as an energy source. And in its practical life, research on techniques used continues.

Mechanism is a complete science in its principles and application. Those who doubt its scientific, they should learn to read science and meaning of scientific afresh. A meaningful scientific view says that theory should not be denied without a practical investigation. No urges or beliefs have any place in scientific angle of view. Experimental conclusions are everything here. Here only manifestations form basis of principles. Those who accept philosophy of science. Mechanism lore opens them to new research fields. Challenges them to come, experiment and test what is truth? Yes, don’t be shy and hesitant to accept truth. To use them for good of humanity.

Spiritual medicine experts have been doing this for centuries and are doing same in these moments. entire science of mechanism basically rests on five elements. Just as earth, water, fire, air and sky are created by these five elements, in same way. Matter, 2. Location Words Marks and 5. These five have their own specific meaning in field of mechanism. Knowing this, it can be used. first thing in this sequence is matter. In this regard, like modern scientists, mechanism experts also believe that different streams of cosmic energy have created different substances of this universe in a specific sequence. Every element of this universe, whether it is an object or a creature or a plant, is a dense form of energy.

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