The mechanism of world

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Even if the world accepts the reality of the world and life, they are also scientists, but they do not know the art of converting every element of the universe into energy completely or partially. But the tantrikas are able to do so. They can use the energy contained in every element of the universe, living or dead, in their experiments. They make proper use of the energy contained in the roots or leaves of trees, nails or hair of animals, birds and humans. The second order in these experiments is of place. Experts believe that cosmic energies are concentrated in a certain way at every place. Therefore, in which order the place is selected, in what way, what energy is to be used. This place can also be a temple, a temple, and can also be a shade of trees like papaya, vat, or a river bank or crematorium.

Mechanism is the third but most important word in science. The word form of the word is the sky. The sky is the ultimate element, from which other elements arise. For this reason, mechanism has accepted the sky element as the basis of its practice. System experts control and employ the direction of the cosmic energies by using the spheroid and mantras made from the word. The readers may consider it impossible, but it happens. Anyone can experience it. The use of the word in mechanism lore is extravagant and is quick to impress. There are some spheroid in it, which, despite being one-and-a-half letters, are proven to create miracles in a few seconds.

The numeral is ranked as the fourth element in this sequence. Like words, numbers also matter in mechanism lore. Mechanism are constructed by combining these numbers and certain line works. The worship of these instruments – specific energy stream is focused in it through the prestige and methodical practice. This is called the awakening of the device. When this happens, then the device starts working like a transformer, that is, it makes the energy centered in it worthy of work purpose. The fifth element of this science is time, on which the whole process of experimentation depends. Under this, it is necessary to know at what particular moments when all the four elements above should be added.

In this flowing universe, there are also energy streams flowing into it. The status, capacity, nature, direction of each of them is different. They meet in a specific way at certain moments. In these moments, they have special effects on the substance as well as on the place. Mechanism meditation is also affected by this. This is the reason why special moments have to be chosen for special practice.

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