Ideal opportunity for idealistic adventure

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When humans think improperly and have actions, the balance gets worse. A person finds sorrow and society is troubled. If the situation continues in the same way, you will have to fall into the pit of grave. When human efforts neglect to prevent undesirableness or consider themselves incapable, destiny has to take the position in his hand. It is not acceptable to allow the world to destroy its world park by being trapped in the vicious cycle of evil. He does not want to let his unique artwork of earth fall into the pit of destruction. In due course of time, the forces that make the balance come. They throw their light rays into the conscience of awakened souls. Making them a puppet-like medium creates a storm of change.

God incarnates in this form to handle the asymmetry of the situation. It comes as a form of consciousness. Those who stand in the front line get credit for implementing it. But the contribution is numerous. Bal of Rama’s Krishna, Satyagrahi incarnation of Buddha’s transcendental Gandhi can be called the instruments of role. Who got the credit is a matter of coincidence. Change comes in the form of a stormy flow of ideology and exalts innumerable influences. Awakened souls have to play a special role on such occasions. Those who understand Yuga Dharma – listen to the call of the Yuga deity, they become blessed. On those days, those who are in confusion have to endure the self-torture of always regretting not recognizing the time.

After the foreshadowing of Arunodaya, the rooster first binds, this awareness made him famous. All birds wake up late, but they do not get the same reputation. The rising sun is greeted, but it can be formed throughout the day. In the Shukla Paksha, everyone is eager to see the moon of the first emanate. After that, it keeps decreasing throughout the month. The first day of birth remains memorable, so thousands of days come and go in life. The names of Everest, etc., are named after the first researcher about the mountain peaks. The names of Neptune, Pluto, etc. are also named after their researchers. Many people who have done their research have been born after that. The picture shows a clear picture of those who stand in the front row of the group. Courage is commendable only to those who show their courage by not waiting for others.

Age change is the sure truth of the next days. Divine purposes are to be fulfilled. In the Gita, God explains to Arjuna that this Kaurava party is dead. Even after your retreat, he will die the other way. It is wisdom to provide credit for assured success. In order to listen to the call of the Yuga Devta, to fulfill the demand and to follow the inspiration, in the morning we will have to raise our hands and feet. Appreciation is for those who warn in time. In the freedom struggle, people jailed for a few days can be seen taking care of the government and getting pensions. That coincidence could never come for those who missed at that time. The Yuga Devta has called the awakened souls and asked them to stand in the front row. Hanuman, Angad’s Bhima, perform the role of Arjuna. Those who accept will neither be in loss from the physical point of view or from the spiritual point of view. Those who remain in confusion will have to try after tying their back.

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