The atonement process

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No matter how much the soul is crushed, it is not going to die and does not give up. An unheard, unhealthy voice continues to rise even when it is lying unattended. G beats and feet tremble when raped. No matter how debilitated this situation is, its existence will remain and the mess will go on until the vices return their foot from that intrusion.

The conscience destroys the peace and order of life. Progresspots block and darken the future. No excuse can be saved from the culmination of sins. This became the normal procedure of physical constitution.

system of it is so that necessary prevention of misdeeds can be done and those who indulge in immorality can enjoy their misdeeds. The existence of the government punishment system of police, office, jail, hanging etc. exists. Despite being clever, people often get caught and suffer financial, physical, mental punishment, suffer slander and are deprived of civil rights.

Even then, there is no chasing. Physical ailments and mental illness surrounds them and causes pain like molesting, sanding and cutting. mind has authority over body. In control of unconscious mind, many automatic sensitizing activities are carried out such as flexion-systolic, unmeasured, breathing-exhaling, blood-circulation, eclipse-immersion. By power of conscious mind, senses and senses work. body is alive as long as there is consciousness in it. body begins to rot and perish as soon as it dies. The center of consciousness is the brain. In the form of the mind, we see the existence of consciousness and experience activities. If this institute is distorted by psychopaths with sin-temperature and diseases, it has an effect on physical well-being as well as mental balance. conclusion of latest scientific researches is that center of diseases remains in the brain rather than in the stomach or blood. When the mind is disturbed, the body structure also starts to falter. There is a lot of new research in diseases and there are announcements of finding effective treatments one by one on the next day. Hospitals are growing rapidly and there is a flood of doctors. State-of-the-art remedies are also being discovered, yet the solution to the health problem is not coming out. Medicines show their magic like an instant miracle, but second time disease changes its form and stands again in a new shape. This condition will remain until the fact that mental malformations have resulted in the destruction and number of diseases are accepted.

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