The realm of meditation

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The period found the task very confusing. But the number of golden coins was also going to be ten times. How could he give up such great greed? He said ‘yes’. The next day when he went to listen to the Buddha, he had to listen carefully to his words. Because now everything had to be remembered. It was important to focus on one thing to remember. This sequence continued for several days. As soon as he meditated on the words of the Buddha, the glow of golden coins would fade in his conscience.

Finally one day he too came, when his consciousness was illuminated by the grace of God. He went into complete enlightenment forever. He did not return home that evening. The son did not go anywhere. In this thinking, the orphaned man came to God. After reaching there, he saw that period is sitting blind. Shocking the son, he said – Hey, go home, thousands of gold coins are waiting for you. In response to these words of the father, the son said – now keep them yourself. Take back the currencies that were given earlier. Now there is no need for all these.

The orphanage tried to convince him a lot, but it had no effect on him. All the arrows of greed went in vain. He went to the runaway Shasta and told him – God what is this secret?  And that too is heard in the greed for money. Heard of the greed of the golden coins. Buddha said – so what happened – he has heard it, for whatever reason you have heard, he has tried to penetrate the depth of my words, you have not heard me yet. Whatever you have done so far – you have done it only for your fame. To enhance its reputation.

While your son has tried to get into the depths of my words and whoever has heard me – he has become mine. Your son has also become mine. Now give him the property of emperor too, so he is not going to return. If you make him the emperor of heaven, make him an In, even then he is not going to return. Put all the wealth of the three worlds at its feet, even then it is not going to return. On this, the orphanage said – God what has happened to it? So the Buddha said that it has become rich. It has descended into the realm of meditation.

‘Being the only king of the earth, it is better than the exaltation of heaven or becoming the suzerain of all the worlds.’ Hearing these things of God, it became clear to the orphaned man that the organism could go to its original source. There is nothing better than this.

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