The combination of nature and man

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Material science considers molecule to be first unit in relation to which action is transmitted by universe. They say that nucleus and other subunits under molecule transmit their activities according to prescribed process, in which various movements are generated and from emergence of objects to power sub-powers, learning moves on basis of different sequences. It falls. This is a thirty-year-old belief. Now latest researches of science have told that molecule is not beginning. Root of universe is a consciousness, which can be said to be littered with dualities of matter and thought. They call this consciousness nature. Nature’s spillings bring atomic values ​​and it is said that evolution and destruction of creation is dependent on their activities.

Spiritual science goes to its deepest depths and considers beginning of creation with a combination of nature and man. If you want to understand even more clearly, then you can say debt (negative) and money (positive) electric currents. Experts of electrical science know that at interval of current (current), there is a separation of both above currents. If this union is not an act of separation, then emergence of electricity will not be possible.

Sankhyakar’s statement about nature and man is that he constantly transmits process of abolition of conflict of separation. As a result, that creation begins, splendor of which we first get acquainted with atomic process. Cloak keeps pendulum in clocks and once shaking moves according to speed cycle, it automatically starts moving and watch machine starts running. Nature and men constantly transmit same kind of separation, and activity of creation goes on like a pendulum process of a wall clock.

If you want to understand this subtle element of knowledge – an inter science even more clearly, then it can be given metaphor of male and female. Brahma can be considered a symbol representative of male and nature as female. Origin and evolution of universe, power that gives rise to Triveni is called Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Thus, element is same, but three deities have been named to explain variation of its activity more clearly. All three are believers. Names of Brahma’s wife Savitri, Lakshmi of Vishnu and Uma of Shiva are famous. Reason behind this ornamentation is rendering of fact that creation originates not from Brahman alone but from coincidence of nature. Both men and women together form an orderly power, until this union does not occur, motion and consciousness will not arise and everything will be lying like a soulless soul. From point of view of dance science, meeting of husband and wife is gross cause of creation. Subjects arise from coincidence or division. Reproduction process leads to an agonizing conflict-like movement of union. From this, subtle activity of universe can be estimated. Life of body is alive on this activity. Muscles of flesh are stretched. And life begins. Transmission of breath, heartbeat, blood circulation of nerves, activity of cells is dependent on action of this collusion, systolic systole. Moment this sequence is broken, at that moment, horrors of death stand in front. This fact is not only about life of body – it is about whole creation. Like rising tide in sea, everything is happening here on that coincidental disconnection, which in language of spirituality is called Nature.

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