Extreme is forbidden everywhere

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Human life is dependent on universal activities. Together, men and women create gross life as a microcosm of the coincidence of men and nature. Hence the union of man and woman has become an essential requirement in social life. The exception is different. Compulsion and super-high idealism can also prohibit the union of male and female, but that is the only exception. They do not include the order of the order of natural development and not natural. No one should have any objection to accepting the fact that natural life develops by accident with the help of male and female.

This coincidence is not just for reproduction nor for sense fulfillment. The need for dynasty growth and joy may also motivate them to adopt these actions, but the combination formed on the basis of male-female union is essentially to awaken the latent consciousness of both, from birth to death equally. Keeps maintained. Drinking mother’s breast in childhood, playing in the dock is a necessity. Maternal unmarried boys and paternal girls remain largely underdeveloped psychologically. Playing with siblings is a privilege of the family. In all the houses where only boys are boys or girls are girls, there is a lot of development of all-round talent and mental incompleteness can be seen easily there. As soon as you enter the courtyard of youth, a system of married life has to be gathered. In the waning age this need is met by feeding sons and daughters in the dock. In this way, male and female often remain intertwined with each other and due to their characteristics, they establish the important role of awakening each other’s talent – latent powers.

Psychologist Dr. Freud considered ‘work’ to be the most important requirement for the development of human life. Which he believes to be developed from the union of male and female. Since the word ‘Kama’ has started being used in the country in the sense of reproduction and conjugation, it has become obscene and is looked down upon. That is why Freud’s above belief does not embrace or interest him. But if think on the basis of scientific definition and keep the prevailing meanings of the words aside for some time, then you will have to come to conclusion that basic process of creation, from union of nature man to marriage of married life. There is a need in world which can only be self-denying to reject.

Abuse is prohibition of everything. Extreme is forbidden everywhere. Indiscreet man has put no effort in misusing every sense. If we take tongue itself, we have been detracted from our physical, mental, moral and economic nature by adopting evil attitude from bitter and untruthful speech to abusive food. This defect is not due to the taste and speech ability of the tongue. If they are used properly, the tongue can play an important role in the evolution of our life. Likewise, the public perception should be restricted and restricted for purposed use. Realizing the importance of abstinence and celibacy, under the limits of dignity, if you take advantage of the relevant Kamollas, then it will not be a loss, but a profit. The loss is from misuse. So, by using misused nectar, it can also be harmed and if the poison is used properly, it can be taken amazing benefits. He should not be condemned for his misbehavior.

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