Knowledge of inner talent should important

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The situation is completely different. Man’s inner region is of a poor or good standard, it does not take any time to get the people, things, and circumstances corresponding to it. When the inner talent develops, everything outside of its light starts to glow. A glance at the pages of history shows that most of the great men were born in such scarred and inferior conditions, where there was little scope for natural development. If his conscience had not been strong, he would have had to complete the days of life, weeping like fate, like many poor people of this world, but this happened completely opposite. He took further steps on the strength of his inner talent.

The divine rule that encourages increasing steps has been made from the beginning of this world. They say- ‘God helps those who help themselves’. The path of the self-confident step on the path of self-respect is removed. Where can prevent the numerous obstacles scattered over thousands of miles of land from the Himalayas, the illuminated spirit of meeting the Ganges? The torrential stream of the Ganges crushes all the resistance and reaches the sea. Why would a growing soul stop on the path of progress? Who will stop him? The high internal level like the Himalayas, and the sea which aspires for a grand goal, its path is paved like Gang. His goal is absolutely certain.

There is no evil in this world, there is no adversity, it is not being said nor is it encouraged that the evils and errors in the external world should not be corrected or changed. This must be done, but at the same time, it should also be remembered that it is not possible to improve the whole world or make it wishful. Spread thorns all over the earth cannot be worn, but shoes can be worn on their feet so that the effect of thorns can be eliminated. Improving oneself, modifying your vision is the same as resting on thorns wearing shoes. Excellence is also necessary to improve the evils of the external world. A hot iron can be cut with cold iron, not hot iron. Sludge can be washed with pure water, not with sludge. Anger can be defeated peacefully, not anger. If we ourselves are dirty, soaked with evils, then how can we improve others? If we have a mesh of internal problems, then how will it be possible to solve the outer kernels?


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