Human intelligence is also a box of magic

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spider weaves its net and is trapped in it. We also continue to create our own situations and spend life laughing and weeping while experiencing happiness and sorrow in it. It is generally believed that creator of our present circumstances is someone else. When any opportunity comes to opposite or painful. When an opportunity arises from opposite or troublesome, and cause of their diagnosis needs to be explored, we tend to blame external causes by not doing this research within ourselves, not considering our faults and trying to If someone else becomes guilty, we should consider ourselves as innocent and find some excuse to be satisfied.

Most of us have similar efforts. Human intelligence is also a box of magic, it should be applied wherever it is, and in support of its belief, some logic, proof, reason is presented. This sorceress is ultimate master in work of making her a wolf. In support of what inner mind aspires, she can create a whole palace of imagination, not a city, world can be formed, and like a little child can defy mind in such a way as if she has taken uncle from sky and kept it on palm. . Most of us have to wander in this confusion. They find a solution to their clutches, but how can they be found? Like a stray human wandering in a labyrinth, do we understand situation and be aware of it by knowing right solution?

Our belief is that we ourselves are innocent, we neither make mistakes nor think wrong, we do not have faults, nor faults, nor do we need to improve ourselves, nor to maintain. Everything that is wrong is in outsiders. They can be responsible for each difficulty. As soon as this belief is established, mind starts doing its work like a lawyer with sharp intelligence and starts mixing Kula of Aka to win case even if it is false. Seeing this, so many arguments, so much evidence, so many reasons are presented in front of them that a man starts to believe them to be true and somehow gets a little comfort while complaining about his innocence.

Many think they have been persecuted. It is only natural for persecutors to understand feelings of anger, discord and reprimand against them. This new burning sensation becomes more associated with its sufferings and causes more grief like sprinkling salt on burn. Sometimes an even simpler method is understood. By considering people not guilty, method of satisfying fate, destiny, creator, God, planet, constellation, ghost, palate etc. as a reason has also become very popular. reason is that on basis of these beliefs, man also gets an opportunity to accept his helplessness and avoid malice and reprisal. What good is there by contending with gods, luck, and planets? Thinking that even weak-minded people can misunderstand their grief.


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