Guts for solve any difficulties is must

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Countless difficulties exist in this world. The number of nuggets of this human life is entangled, it is absolutely necessary to solve them. Who can find peace amidst difficulties? But while solving these riddles, let us not forget that the root of most problems lies within us, their solution is also present inside us. Improving oneself, making oneself, enhancing oneself is the way the world can improve. The world of our aspirations can be realized and reached the pinnacle of progress where perfection is perfection, where there is no particle of grief, fear, grief.

Service is an essential part of human life. Self-satisfaction comes on the basis of that. A life devoid of service is a selfish and narrow life of a poor class. It has neither publicity nor otherworldliness.

The attempt to make the backward people equal to themselves according to their ability is called ‘service’. Every person has dignity and can serve as much. Only people younger than him, near, affiliated and trusted can be eligible for service. It is not possible for anyone to serve outside this dignity, no matter how generous and benevolent it may be. The spirit of making everyone happy by serving the whole world can be maintained, but the field of service cannot be made to the whole world, to the whole human society, because they are beyond our service-limits. Suppose you are a world-servant and want to relieve the grief of the inhabitants of Africa, are willing to give them the benefit of your service, but they are so far away from you, so out of your reach, to reach there, understand their language It is difficult for you to be able to live in their environment, understand their situation, then how will you serve them.

Suppose you want a certain kind of change in today’s political and social circumstances, for this, you have some ideas. You want to get the government’s leaders, politicians, leaders, leading men to act according to your views, even make written or verbal requests to them, but they do not accept the importance of your views. You ignore your desire and advice as madness, then what remains of yourself? High litterateurs of the country write only works of epoch-making, poets make songs of spirituality, filmmakers make character-building films, teachers become ideal gurus like elders, religious leaders live like sages, you also inspire them for these aspirations They do, but those people despise these things in derision as you despise them. What will you do now?


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