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For the first time in history more people are dying worldwide from the effects of overeating than from malnutrition.

We are eating too much… too many calories… too much fat… too much cholesterol… too many trans fats.

But we eat from far too few foods. While we are overeating we are starving our bodies of vital nutrients. Added together, we are getting fatter, while suffering from myriad diseases caused by insufficient nutrition.

The average American eats only 12 different foods a day. Fully 40% of our calories come from just one source, potatoes, and usually in the form of French fries. Most of our foods are depleted of vital nutrients from extensive processing, and devoid of phytonutrients and natural enzymes. The human body, long deprived of the rich bounty of nutrients found in abundant whole foods, sinks into weight gain and a plethora of metabolic diseases.

The key symptom of metabolic disorders is excess weight. Much more than a cosmetic concern, excessive weight is indicative of a growing number of diseases that kill, usually very slowly and expensively.

While genetics certainly play a role, there is a common factor behind the Deadly Quartet of Diseases – heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), type 2 diabetes, and obesity (all of which usually begin as excess weight). That key initiator is insulin resistance-hyperinsulinemia. But these four chronic diseases are just the beginning of the long list of diseases related to excess weight.

Many types of cancer, gallstones, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney stones, asthma, sleep apnea, osteoporosis, colitis, stroke, and irritable bowel syndrome are all linked to the same eating habits and lack of exercise as these four killers. Change what you eat, change your exercise habits, and these pernicious maladies can be controlled, diminished, or prevented entirely.

This is the health mission of Celebrate Life Nutrition. Celebrate is not about “combating disease.” It’s about celebrating vibrant life. The difference is deliberate.

People are exhausted fighting the “battle against diseases”. It’s overdone. Every single company in the health industry wraps themselves in the mantle of “fighting” disease (never mind few of them have any real proof to back up their claims). Nearly every company has “the best anti-oxidant on the planet,” etc. How is a customer supposed to choose between competing products, each touting “my magic bullet is better than your magic bullet”?

Customers are tired of sorting out all the competing claims. In a tight economy, many skip purchasing from the health product industry altogether. With more “super-food” MLM and Network Marketing startups launching seemingly every day, plus late-night ads with ever-more outrageous claims, customers are saying “enough-is-enough.”

All of us can be challenged by diseases, now or in our future. But we tire of the negative “war against…,” “combat…,” “the fight against…” approach and language. It’s time to lay down the weapons of war. It’s time to stop fighting diseases. It is time for peace, something positive, something new. It is time for a positive direction – a new, powerful one – a direction based on vibrant life.

To accomplish its mission, Celebrate maximizes your nutrition with concentrated nutrients from a rich bounty of 59 whole foods. Plus, it increases your omega-3/DHA, and boosts your antioxidants with premium cocoa. That’s over 5 times the normal range of 12 foods you typically get – and not one of them is a French fry.

It is time to celebrate your life. To celebrate that abundant nutrition leads to vibrant living. It’s time for a celebration that springs from the unique power of your fully nourished body. Fully nourished, your healthy weight loss will be a natural result.

Celebrate life with abundant nutrition.